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Hands-on ICONIX Process

(Available On-Site or Open Enrollment)

2009 - Open Enrollment Schedule

July 13-17 - San Francisco
August 3-7 - London
September 7-11 - Chicago
October 19-23 - Boston
November 16-20 - Dallas
December 7-11 - Orlando

2010 - Open Enrollment Schedule

January 25-29 - Melbourne
February 22-26 - Tokyo
March 22-26 - Los Angeles
April 19-23 - Washington DC
May 3-7 - New York

Attendance is limited -- reserve your seats today

Call us (310) 474-8482


For more than a decade, ICONIX Process has described a rigorous, systematic approach for software developers to get from requirements to code and for business analysts to accomplish business process modeling for requirements elicitation and process reengineering.  ICONIX has been working with tools vendors to help automate some of the more mechanical aspects of analysis and design modeling in the development process.  Two recent advances by tool vendors, SparxSystems and RavenFlow, have “pushed the envelope” greatly increasing the level of automation and facilitating a much more integration between business process modeling and software development, including the generation of behavioral logic code for business rules captured on the front-end by business analysts and integration on the back end with coding and testing environments (Eclipse/JUnit for Java, Visual Studio/NUnit for .Net) .

Hands-on ICONIX Process is a modular 5-day class available on-site for organizations and available for public enrollment in key business centers around the world.  The class spans the entire spectrum from business process modeling through software analysis, design, coding and extends all the way to testing.


The course is split into three segments as detailed below. Students attending one of the public session may enroll for whichever days they choose at a flat price of $995/day.  

Each student who attends all 5 days at one of the public sessions receives a $1000 credit toward the purchase of software license(s) from ICONIX such as Raven and/or Enterprise Architect or toward the purchase of an ICONIX on-site class for their organization.


Monday/Tuesday: Business Modeling using RavenFlow and Enterprise Architect

Students will follow the ICONIX Business Modeling Roadmap (Version 2) as they learn how to build domain models, write “business scenarios”, automatically generate activity diagrams from the business, define business rules, identify requirements and software use cases from the business scenarios, and generate behavioral logic code for business rules.


Wednesday/Thursday: Core ICONIX Process: Getting from Use Cases to Code

Students follow the ICONIX Process Roadmap for Software (Requirements, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design) as they learn how to write software use cases, allocate requirements to use cases, storyboard screens, disambiguate software use cases using robustness analysis, automatically generate skeleton sequence diagrams and test case diagrams, do detailed design on class diagrams, and generate code. Domain modeling is also covered.


Friday: Vertical Integration from UML through coding and testing

Students continue to follow the ICONIX Process Roadmap for Software (Implementation) as they learn how to use Sparx MDG Integration to synchronize UML models with source code in either Eclipse or Visual Studio, and to transform test cases into JUnit or NUnit test classes.


ICONIX Process is a minimalist, streamlined approach to use case driven UML modeling which uses a core subset of UML diagrams and techniques to provide thorough coverage of object-oriented analysis and design while avoiding analysis paralysis. ICONIX Process was first described in Mr. Rosenberg's first book "Use Case Driven Object Modeling" (Addison-Wesley 1999) which has currently sold over 30,000 copies, and has been released in both Japanese and Chinese as well as English. The Agile/ICONIX book updates the material for use in an agile development environment, and illustrates the process all the way down to code with the mapplet example.

Each student will receive a copy of both the "Use Case Driven Object Modeling - Theory and Practice", and "Agile Development with ICONIX Process" books along with a copy of the "Enterprise Architect for Power Users" multimedia tutorial.

Each student attending the workshops will recieve:



A copy of Use Case Driven Object Modeling - Theory and Practice


A copy of Agile Development with ICONIX Process


A copy of ICONIX's multimedia tutorial Mastering UML with Enterprise Architect and the ICONIX Process


A copy of ICONIX's multimedia tutorial Enterprise Architect for Power Users





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