Tools for Ada Development

AdaFlow(tm) supports Ada-oriented design and Ada development using Buhr/Booch style diagrams and Module Architecture Diagrams for Booch OOD, an integrated Dictionary, and a Language Sensitive Editor for C++ and Ada.

ObjectModeler(tm) supports the object-oriented methods of Rumbaugh, Coad/Yourdon, Booch and Jacobson with four graphical editors, includes Dictionary, and provides Language Sensitive Editors for OOP including C++ and Smalltalk.

FreeFlow(tm) provides support for DeMarco Structured Analysis with real-time extensions (Data and Control Flow Diagrams, Data Dictionary, Minispecs, Consistency Checking) and several object-oriented methods.

FastTask(tm) provides real-time support in the form of State Transition Diagrams and their equivalent matrix representations, supports Jacobson State Transition Diagrams and Object Interaction Diagrams.

PowerPDL(tm) supports detailed algorithm design using pseudocode. The built-in Strip utility allows automatic design generation of documentation from the comments in the code during software maintenance.

ASCII Bridge(tm) enables PowerTools repository information to be merged, imported, and exported in ASCII or CDIF format and provides an Interleaf interface.

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