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Instructor - Location: Colorado


2003-Present Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Responsible for developing and teaching .Net framework courses, systems analysis and design courses, C++ programming courses, and XHTML/Javascript/PHP courses. Associate member of the Colorado Institute of Bioenergetics. Member of the advisory board for the University of Colorado's Bioinformatics program.

2000-2003 Aristocrat Technologies (Director of Research)

Responsible for visioning new strategic directions of products. Tasked with implementing a controlled, predictable software development methodology. Report directly to the Aristocrat's international Chief Technical Officer.

Created a comprehensive software development methodology for Aristocrat Technologies' research and development department based on the Rational Unified Process and tailored it to Aristocrat's business needs. This effort included implementing processes for requirements management, use case development, software design, quality assurance, project planning/tracking, configuration management, and metrics.

Created and delivered training classes to various departments on requirements development, product evaluation, design patterns, use case application, and applying creative thinking to new product development.

Championed the development of a casino floor simulation that allows for extensive testing of all aspects of Aristocrat hardware and software. The product includes stress testing capabilities, stochastic models of behavior, and deterministic behavior.

Tailored and introduced a wide-ranging development process at Aristocrat's subsidiary: TurboPower Software. The process enabled a repeatable, controlled way of doing business and resulted in predictable releases with improved quality. This work included an extensive series of steps for determining new ideas for products, evaluating their effectiveness, performing competitive analysis, and market needs analysis.

Personally formulated and championed the strategic direction of TurboPower Software's top two earning products - Sleuth QA 3.0 and ProActivate.

Managed the development of a number of TurboPower Software's award winning products.

1998-2000 Raytheon (Principle Consultant at the Joint National Test Facility)

Technical team lead responsible for overall architecture, design, analysis, and implementation of an internet-based system that analyzes war-game simulation results.

Worked as part of a team that tailored the Rational Unified Process for the entire missile defense simulation project (over 100 people). The effort resulted in a CMM rating that satisfied the project's requirements for process maturity and allowed for a multi-year extension of the contract.

Developed and presented multiple training presentations on various aspects of object-oriented techniques such as design, implementation, and patterns which increased software quality and the development team's ability to apply object-oriented design. Also presented classes on software project management and the Rational Unified Process.

Migrated an internet based wargame analysis system to a thin-client architecture that reduced response time by over 1000%. Used Java 2, CORBA, and Versant.

1997-1998 Oracle Corporation World Wide Support Center (Lead Technical Specialist)

Senior technical specialist responsible for mentoring and assisting business specialists in resolution of highly technical customer issues. Introduced a number of process improvement ideas, such as scrum meetings, that lead to increased knowledge sharing and more effective support.

1994-1997 MCI Telecommunications (Senior Staff Member)

Team lead for large-scale (10 million dollar) Internet network management application and client-server outbound network management product. Responsible for ensuring quality of an Object-Oriented design and day-to-day management of a team of 5 - 12 programmers.

Produced multiple successful quarterly software releases on time and with zero production defects.

1993 - 1994 American Greetings CreateACard Division (Senior Consultant)

Responsible for enhancement and support of PC-based software used internationally to collect sales information from CreateACard Kiosk machines.

Designed and developed strategic business systems programs to analyze sales trends.

Developed bulletin board software used to capture CreateACard sales data resulting in savings of hundreds of man hours for data collection.

1991 - 1993 Reliance Electric Corporation (Senior Consultant)

Lead front-end developer for a groundbreaking object oriented expert system that automatically configured electrical motors.

Designed and implemented the entire GUI front end for an expert system that configured electric motors. The resulting system reduced motor configuration from several days to less than two minutes.

Supervised three technical writers during development of user guide.

Developed and taught classes on advanced programming techniques, software development methodologies, and relational database concepts at corporate headquarters.

1983 - 1991 Various Positions

Designed, developed, and implemented well over 100 programs for mainframe network database and on-line packages (CICS, ADS/O).

Developed utility programs that normalized relational tables based on functional dependencies resulting in automated relational database table designs.

Developed an automated code generation system that produced program stubs used as a basis for hundreds of on-line programs, saving significant time in systems development.

Developed and taught classes on advanced programming techniques to over 100 developers.


2000 Doctor of Computer Science, Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO. Focus on software engineering methodologies and object oriented simulations.

1991 Master of Computer and Information Science, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. Focus on software engineering management.

1983 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Edinboro, PA. Focus on management and statistics.


Longtime member of the Association of Computing Machinery.

Referee for the 2002 Annals of Software Engineering, a peer reviewed journal.

Coordinator for the 2001 workshop on research in Object-Oriented techniques at the European Conference on Object Oriented Programming (ECOOP).

Presented "Feature Driven Development" at the 14th Annual Borland Conference (BORCON), 2003.

Presented "Test Driven Development with NUnit" at the 14th Annual Borland Conference (BORCON), 2003.

Presented "Qualitative Risk Management" at the 14th Annual Borland Conference (BORCON), 2003.

Presented "Top Project Management Mistakes: Avoid Them!" 13th Annual Borland Conference (BORCON), 2002.

Presented "EASY: an Association Oriented Simulation Package" at the European Conference on Object Oriented Programming workshop on research in Object-Oriented techniques (ECOOP), 2000.

Presented "AUTOSPEC: Automatic Motor Specification System" at the ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA), 1992.

Published "An Effective Construct for Purely Semantic Associations" in the Journal of Object Technology, May 2003.

Inventor and sole owner of the EASY discrete event simulation framework. Patent holder for MCI's remote network management product �Interact