Complete CORBA™

Volume One: Introduction to CORBA

by Doug Rosenberg and Paul Simonsen

Volume One: Introduction to CORBA

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This CD-ROM is the first in a series of 3 volumes that provides a comprehensive multimedia reference on an important distributed computing technology.

Volume 1 provides an overview of CORBA, suitable for those with a casual interest as well as those who wish to develop a solid foundation of the fundamentals for further exploration. In addition, the CD-ROM presents some history and background on CORBA, the organization that sponsors it and the architecture within which it fits.

A hypertext MAP provides single-click access to any slide within the tutorial:


Volume 1 presents CORBA within the context of the OMG's Object Management Architecture.


A discussion of distributed computing architectures is presented, along with an explanation of the decision making process which led to the CORBA standard.


Static and dynamic approaches to distributed object communication are explained.


And the CORBA architecure is examined, one component at a time.


A discussion of CORBA from the perspective of a programming framework introduces the core interfaces,


advanced interfaces,


and the Interface Repository, as a prelude to the next three volumes of the series.


Introduction to CORBA builds the foundation for the comprehensive discussions that follow in the other Complete CORBA tutorial volumes.

With this CD-ROM, your desk is the ideal place to get started learning this fundamentally important internet and distributed computing technology.

In conjunction with
Volume 2, Basic CORBA, this CDROM makes it more convenient than ever to master the complexities of developing distributed OO applications using CORBA.

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