Complete CORBA™

Volume Two: Basic CORBA

by Doug Rosenberg and Paul Simonsen

Volume Two: Basic CORBA

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This CD-ROM is the second in a series of 3 volumes that provides a comprehensive multimedia reference on an important distributed computing technology.

Volume 2 of the COMPLETE CORBA tutorial, BASIC CORBA, takes you inside the CORBA architecture and examines the details of the IDL Language, the ORB Core and Object Adapters. A comprehensive ticketing system
example is provided that traces a CORBA project from a UML model, through the IDL to Java translation process, all the way into Java code for both client and server sides.

BASIC CORBA takes you inside the ORB Core...

all the way down to describing each method on the ORB interface

and OBJECT interface. Hyperlinks to example code are provided from the tutorial.

Next, a detailed discussion of Object Adapters explains the inner mechanishms of this important component of the CORBA architecture....

The operation of the Basic Object Adatper is described in detail....

Including a method-by-method description of the BOA Interface,

and a discussion of different Server Activation Policies.

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In conjunction with
Volume 1, Introduction to CORBA, this CD-ROM makes it more convenient than ever to master the complexities of developing distributed OO applications using CORBA.

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