Complete CORBAtm

Volume Three: Advanced CORBA

by Doug Rosenberg and Paul Simonsen

Volume Three: Advanced CORBA

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Advanced CORBA is the third volume in the Complete CORBA series that provides a comprehensive multimedia reference on an important distributed computing technology.

This tutorial covers a large number of advanced CORBA topics.

Topics covered include the Interface Repository, the Dynamic Interfaces and ORB interoperability.

The Interface Repository (IR) is a container for interface definitions for the IDL that describes the interfaces for your systems. This tutorial takes a detailed look at the IR, including detailed descriptions of all 22 interfaces.

The IR Containment Hierarchy is explained.

Along with the IR inheritance hierarchy.

The 5 Abstract Interfaces of the Interface repository are covered in detail.

As are the 17 Concrete Interfaces of the IR.

Both the Dynamic Invocation Interfaces and Dynamic Skeleton Interfaces are explained.

All interfaces are explaned in detail, with a method-by-method reference, including input and output parameters.

Java source code examples are hyperlinked to the tutorial, illustrating the usage of many of the interfaces.

Finally, ORB interoperability is discussed, including discussions about the importance and nature of the IOR and GIOP and its mappings to IIOP and ESIOP's.

In conjunction with
Volume 1, Introduction to CORBA, and Volume 2, Basic CORBA these CDROMs make it more convenient than ever to master the complexities of developing distributed OO applications using CORBA.

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