ICONIX President Doug Rosenberg

Founder and President of ICONIX Software Engineering

Managed development of entire ICONIX product family

Established training and consulting services for ICONIX

Authored course materials for training courses

Recruited and trained ICONIX Instructors/Mentors


Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Computer Aided Software Engineering

Software Architecture

Project Management

Cross-Platform Software Development

Internet and Multimedia Development

Training and Consulting


Inside the ICONIX Process , 2001

Rational Rose for Power Users , 2001

Comprehensive COM (5 CD-ROM set) with Badri Malynur, 2000

Complete CORBA (3 CD-ROM set) with Paul Simonsen, 1999

Mastering UML with Rational Rose, 1997

An Interactive Briefing on Object Technology, 1997

A Unified Object Modeling Approach, 1996

An Object Methodology Overview, 1994


Extreme Programming Refactored, The Case Against XP
Doug Rosenberg and Matt Stephens, Apress 2003

Use Case Object Modeling with UML: A Practical Approach
(with Kendall Scott) Addison-Wesley 1999

Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML
(with Kendall Scott) Addison-Wesley 2001


Use Case Driven Object Modeling - A 99% Fat Free Approach
Produced in conjunction with Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., 2000, 2001

UML for E-Commerce
Produced in conjunction with Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., 2001



Rational User Conference, speaker, 2002

Keynote speaker at UMLWorld, 2000, 2001

Use Case Driven Object Modeling - A 99% Fat Free Approach
Full day tutorial at Software Development West, April 2000

Driving Design with Use Cases
Software Development Magazine, 2000, 2001

UML Applied: Nine Tips to Incorporating UML into Your Project
Software Development Magazine, 1998

Introduction to Object Computing
Enterprise Computing Conference, Chicago, July 1995

Mixing Rumbaugh OMT with Jacobson Objectory for Client/Server Development
Object Expo, NY, June 1995

Applying O-O Methods to Interactive Multimedia Projects
OBJECT Magazine, June 1995

Mixing Rumbaugh OMT with Jacobson Objectory for Client/Server Development
OOP '95 Munich, Jan 95

An Overview of Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methods
OOP '95 Munich, Jan 95

Validating the Design of Client/Server Systems
OBJECT Magazine, July 1994

Modeling Client/Server Systems
OBJECT Magazine, March 1994

Using the Object Modeling Technique with Objectory for Client/Server Development
OBJECT Magazine, November 1993

Use of Dynamic Media to Support Software Engineering
CASEWorld, Boston, Oct. 1992

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methods
FrameWorks (MacApp Developers Association Journal), 1992

Using CASE to Support Software Logistics
6th Southern California Logistics Workshop and Conference, 1991

CASE Tools for Ada Development
National CASE Conference, NY, 1988

PRISM - Productivity Improvement for Software Engineers and Managers
8th International Conference on Software Engineering, London, 1985

Computer Aided Design of Axial Field Permanent Magnet Machines - IEEE Power Society, 1979 (with Dr. Peter Campbell)

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.

1984, Founded ICONIX Software Engineering, a leading CASE tool developer, which evolved in 1994 into a leading training and consulting firm. ICONIX was the first company to offer computer-based training on CD-ROM for Object-Oriented Analysis and Design methodologies. Specializing in a streamlined, lightweight, use-case driven, method, the ICONIX Process toward software development is cost-effective and highly efficient.

ICONIX clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies and corporations in the software, semiconductor, energy, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, and personal service industries.

Generated over 250,000 Lines of Object-Oriented Code comprising 10 CASE products for Macintosh, MS-Windows, and X/MOTIF.

Developed several
CD-ROM based training courses on Object Technology.

Prior to founding ICONIX Software Engineering, Mr. Rosenberg was active in writing software for the following companies: Hughes Radar Systems Group, Hughes Research Labs, TRW Microelectronics Center, CALMA Corporation, and The University of Southern California Electrical Engineering Department.

Columbia University
SUNY Albany
University of Southern California (BS Electrical Engineering), 1980

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