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The Difference between Includes and Extends

In this MP3 file, the exalted Princess Mathangi gives the definitive explanation of use case diagram stereotypes, and puts to rest once and for all any debate about the difference between <<includes>> and <<extends>>.

Songs of the Extremos

imagine there's no requirements. It's easy if you try
just a bunch of coders, reachin for the sky
imagine all the people, coding for today

Alice in Use Case Land

I'm using satire in this talk to point out a few things about current software development practices that seem like, while they may have started off from good ideas and may still contain some good ideas, but that have acquired a significant amount of momentum in some directions that might be counterproductive. At least, they seem that way to me.

The Emperor's New Code

Once upon a time there lived a project manager (named, curiously enough, Fred Emperor) whose only worry in life was to keep up with the latest trends in development techniques. He changed methodology almost every project and loved to show off his knowledge to management...

The Ministry of Code Smells

Picture this scene from monty python's flying circus. john cleese sits at a
desk, in a suit. the desk has a sign on it that says "Ministry of Code
Smells". in walk a pair of programmers, Eric Idle and (dressed as a woman)
Terry Jones. They are carrying a computer printout.

Cleese: Good Morning. We'd like to smell your code, please.





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