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Instructor - Location: California


*Sun Certified Java Programmer

*Software Engineering experience in Object-Oriented Analysis & Design, distributed processing, real-time applications programming, instrument control, operational test and evaluation, automatic test system programming, validation and verification testing. Development of test plans, maintenance plans, training plans, engineering changes, test programs and their associated documentation. Software process improvement experience working toward compliance with the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) as a process owner and a Fagan Inspection trainer.

* Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science.

* Project management experience in software and systems development.

* Familiar with Mil-STD-498, IEEE, ANSI, and other industry standards.

* Familiar with a wide variety of commercial software packages, including Rational Rose, ArgoUML, Software through Pictures, DOORS, Visual Studio, Visual Caf´┐Ż, JBuilder, Forte, WordPerfect, Word, Excel, MS Project, Framemaker, Access, PowerPoint.


Proficient in:
Java, C, C++, Pascal, UML

Familiar with:
Ada, FORTRAN, MACRO 11, dBASE, 80x86 Assembly, ATLAS, Visual Basic


Windows, UNIX (Sun OS and Solaris), MS DOS, MPX-32, Vulcan, RTE-IVB


Java Performance and Scalability, Volume 2: Client-Side Programming Techniques, Addison-Wesley, 2001.

Programming for Performance in the Java Programming Language, JavaOne 2000 Conference, Birds of a Feather Session Number-934.

"Processing Real-Time Telemetry With Multiple Embedded Processors", Proceedings of the International Telemetering Conference, Volume 30, 1994.


University of California at San Diego Extension
Instructor in the Information Technologies department, teaching Java Programming courses and the application of OOAD principles using UML and Java. Participate in curriculum and syllabus development for Java, C, and C++ programming courses.

Chapman University
Taught the following Computer Science courses: Computer Programming I, Computer Programming II, Data Structures, Programming Languages, Assembly Language Programming, Microprocessors: Interfacing and Advanced Techniques, MS-DOS Operating System, Computer Architecture I, Operating System Design, and Introduction to Computers and Data Processing.

BAE SYSTEMS (formerly Marconi Integrated Systems) Inc.
Object-oriented Methods and Tools consultant to multiple projects across multiple business units, specializing in lifecycle tools for the Windows NT OS. Current assignment includes Java mentoring of new developers, C++ and CORBA training presentations and company-wide presentations on technology such as UML. Member of the Software Development Process Action Team. Past member of the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20.

Systems Engineering & Management Company
Software Project Engineer participating in the development and operation of a mobile telemetry ground station. Responsibilities included software development, mission planning, field operations supervision, PCM telemetry database creation, and data processing on the Loral 550 - Sun Sparc System. Project Manager and Lead Engineer for a FFP contract to design and build PC-based telemetry test sets for the NATO Missile Maintenance Facilities. Personally responsible for developing telemetry receiver control software, as well as project schedules and budgets. Developed and presented the five day System Operation and Maintenance training course. All work was completed on schedule and under budget. Two versions of the workstations were added to the company product line. Wrote the software section of two winning telemetry system proposals.

Initiated a self-assessment to determine the software process maturity level of the engineering division, in accordance with SEI guidelines. Authored a Software Improvement Plan and a Coding Standards document.

Developed courseware for a 200 node multimedia training system utilizing the IconAuthor authoring system. Included in this system were computer generated graphics and laser disc video. Performed validation and verification tests on modules developed by other personnel.

Computer Systems Development Corporation
Provided support to the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Branch of the Naval Aviation Depot at North Island. Lead engineer on short-term projects to identify and correct anomalies in test program sets for various types of ATE used in support of the E-2C and the F/A-18 aircraft. Developed recommended solutions to software and hardware problems. Corrected defects in software written in ATLAS, C, Ada, HP BASIC and FORTRAN 77. Developed test programs in IEEE 416 ATLAS.

Assistant Program Manager for an engineering services T&M; contract valued at $1.5 million per year. Responsibilities included customer liaison for both technical and contractual matters, engineering staff supervision, and drafting delivery order proposals.

U.S. Navy
Held positions of increasing responsibility in the field of aviation electronics systems and automated testing. Promoted to Avionics Master Chief with the minimum amount of time in service.

Designated as a U.S. Navy Master Training Specialist.

Designated as an Avionics System Quality Assurance Inspector.


MS Computer Science West Coast University , Option in Software Engineering

Chapman College, BS Computer Science, Cum Laude

UCSD Extension: Java Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, MS Windows Programming, Software Process Improvement

Military Schools: Basic and Advanced Electronics, Instructor Training, Leadership and Management Education Training

Other: Introduction to Cisco Routers, Fundamentals of Software through Pictures for OMT, Developing Distributed Objects Using Orbix, C++-based Design Approach for Real-Time Systems Software (CDARTS), Extending Rational Rose, Unified Object Modeling with UML