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Instructor - Location: Dallas, Texas


Over 9 years of experience in Consutling, Developing, Motivating and Leading Team Projects

Emphasis as Team Leader and Motivator

Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Project Management Expertise


OO Analysis, Design and Construction (Select, Paradigm, Rational Rose, Delphi, C++ Builder, SQLWindows/Centura, Visual C++, MS SQL Server 6.5)

Relational Database Design

Client/Server System Design

Decision Support Systems


Bank of America
Bank of America's Global Government Banking group provides special banking services for the federal government. I worked as a consultant with this group over a three year period to build three applications as well as implement numerous enhancements. Two of the applications provided online banking functionality and the third application manages deposits made by government agencies that must be forwarded to the treasury. I play two major roles in the group. My first role was to establish a use case driven analysis and design process to be used on all the groups projects. My second role was help establish an application framework for use with Delphi, VisiBroker (CORBA), and Oracle. The framework allows business objects to be created to encapsulate business rules and services. The framework also provides classes for security, audit, and database connection pooling. During my time with the group I made a major contribution to achieving the following accomplishments:

  • Established use case driven analysis and design process used to complete 10 projects over a three year period.
  • Developed and deployed three applications. Bankruptcy and US Courts were rewrites of existing applications and USAMM was a new application.
  • Completed seven enhancement projects after initial deployments.
  • Deployed first three tier application.
  • Developed application framework used by all three applications.
Organized Bankruptcy and US Courts to use inheritance to share 80 percent of the functionality that is common rather than the copy/paste approach used previously.

JC Penney
Worked with JC Penney on a four-month effort to conduct analysis and design activities for a new store inventory system. The new inventory system will replace several legacy mainframe systems and will be developed in Java using MS SQL Server and DB2 for persistent storage. Facilitated analysis and design activities. These activities included Use Case Analysis, Robustness Analysis, Domain Object Modeling, Interaction Modeling, and Object to Relational Mapping.

Alliance Data Systems
Alliance, formerly known as Business Services, developed and is now supporting a system which provides Sales, Customer Service, and Billing functionality to USSB. Primary responsibilities involve enhancement of the Customer Service Application and support of 4 telemarketing centers which use the application. The Customer Service Application consist of around 40 screens written in SQLWindows and supports as many as 800 concurrent users. Led an effort to restructure test environments and establish development and testing guidelines.

CYBERTEK developed a client server decision support application targeted at the mortgage processing industry. Acted as DBA for the development team which was enhancing and porting the application to various back-end database servers.

Card Systems
Worked as a consultant with Card Systems in developing and supporting 3 client server applications. Team leader during the definition and analysis phase of a project to develop a complete card processing system for the largest processor in the Netherlands.

EDS, Document Processing Services
Participated in the development and support of an AP imaging system used internally by EDS. Acted as lead developer during the development of a general purpose imaging product targeted for external customers.

EDS, Corporate Information Systems
Participation in the development of a corporate administrative system designed to streamline administrative tasks. During the initial development of the system, acted as lead developer for two subsystems; Locations, and Leave of Absence. Once the system was implemented, moved to team leader responsible for one additional subsystem, Organizations. My last assignment with CIS was as lead developer for the new Transitions subsystem.

EDS, Delco Electronics Materials Management
Started with EDS on the Delco Electronics Account. While assigned to Delco, completed the EDS Systems Engineer development program. After completing this program, joined a group responsible for supporting Delco's material management systems. Participated in the migration and customization of a shipping system from the Truck and Bus Division of GM to Delco Electronics.


B.S. Mathematics, minors in Computer Science and Physics, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas, 1985