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ICONIX is pleased to distribute ObjectiveView, an Object and Component Journal for Software Professionals

Published by Ratio Group in London, ObjectiveView fills a unique niche in the market of quality technical content. Specializing in all areas of object and component related software development, the magazine frequently features articles written by experts in the software industry.

Writers for ObjectiveView include:

  • Doug Rosenberg and Kendall Scott

  • Patricia Seybould Group

  • IBM San Francisco team

  • Robert Martin (Editor: "C++ Report"; Author: "Designing OO Apps Using Booch")

  • Thomas Mowbray (Author: "Corba Design Patterns")

  • Kent Beck (Author: "eXreme Programming")

  • Bertrand Meyer (Author: "Object Oriented Software Construction")

  • Brian Hendersen Sellers (Author: "Open process")

  • Hurwitz Group

Objective View Magazine


[   ]ObjectiveView#8

  • Author Kent Tong on turning comments into code.

  • Author Scott Ambler with the *latest* update on Agile Modelling.

  • Authors Doug Rosenberg and Matt Stephens on Combining TDD with UML.

  • Author Elfreide Dustin on Unit Testing

  • Thoughworks' Tim Mackinnon on Agile Project Retrospectives.

[   ] ObjectiveView7.pdf

  • Microsoft C# author Jon Jagger overviews C#.NET

  • Paul Hatcher takes a look at VB.NET

  • Richard Vaughan on Managed C++ under .NET

  • Interview with Doug Rosenberg & Matt Stephens on their forthcoming book: XP Refactored

[   ] ObjectiveView6.pdf

  • Component based development issues

  • UML Components

  • E-Business component development process

  • Component design and structuring issues

  • Component distribution patterns

[   ] ObjectiveView5.pdf

  • Doug Rosenberg (Author: Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML) and Kendall Scott (Co-author: UML Distilled) with "Goldilocks and the Three Software Processes"...

  • Interview with Ivar Jacobson

  • Clemens Syperski (Author: Component Software) on Components vs. Objects

  • Ralph Johnson (Author: Design Patterns) on Dynamic Object Model Architectures

  • Mark Collins-Cope on the RSI approach to Use Cases

  • Keiron McCammon on e-Business Architectures

[   ] ObjectiveView4.pdf

  • Richard Vaughan with an Introduction to XML for Developers

  • Author Jason Garbis on Designing Distributed Object Applications

  • Author Jan Bosch on Software Product Lines and Architetures

  • Why is UML topsy turvy? by Hubert Matthews and Mark Collins-Cope

  • Author Brian Hendersen-Sellers describes the OPEN Process

  • In-depth technical interview with author Robert C. Martin on eXtreme Programming

[   ] ObjectiveView3.pdf

  • Authors Kendall Scott and Doug Rosenberg put the counter-case to Extreme Programming...

  • Paul Crerand of BEA with a detailed technical article on M3 - their Object Transaction Monitor

  • Brent Carlson of IBM discusses the use of Design Patterns in San Francisco

  • Author Robert C. Martin with An Introduction to UML Use Cases...

  • Michael Barnes of Hurwitz Group with An Introduction to Components and CBD...

  • Yonat Sharon summarises Kent Beck's Extreme Programming Process...

[   ] ObjectiveView2.pdf

  • Author Thomas Mowbray gives an Introduction to CORBA.

  • Author Robert C. Martin on the Open-Closed principle of OO design.

  • Anne Thomas (Patricia Seybold Group) on Noblenet Nouveau - ORB/COM/RPC interoperability tool.

  • Keiran McCannon of Versant with an in depth article on the case for the OODBMS (vs. RDBMS)

  • Q2 Object News Summary

  • OMG Analysis by Eric Leach - OMG's UK representative.

[   ] ObjectiveView1.pdf

  • Structuring Large OO Projects - Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • The Commercial Case for OO Software Development (do you need to convince your manager?)

  • Object Management Group Analysis by the UK's OMG Representative

  • Object Oriented Design Tips

  • ObjectNews - A Summary of Key Q1 Object News




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