Software Intensive System Modeling -- SWISSML™

For more than 15 years, ICONIX Process has described a rigorous, systematic approach for software developers to get from requirements to code and for business analysts to accomplish business process modeling for requirements elicitation and process reengineering. For the last few years, ICONIX has been developing additional process roadmaps for Design Driven Testing, Business Process Modeling, Service Oriented Architecture Development, and Embedded Systems Development.

Our SWISSML™ course spans Systems Engineering (SysML) and Software Engineering (UML), including requirements allocation and traceability and automated test case generation from your model using the ICONIX DDT plugin.


Modeling Software Intensive Systems

Students will learn to use the modeling tool to do Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) applying the four pillars of SysML: Requirements, Structure, Behavior, and Parametrics, with a focus on systems where much of the behavior is modeled in UML and realized in software.

Monday: MBSE with SysML

AM - Embedded Systems Roadmap - Four Pillars of SysML: Requirements, Structure, Behavior, Parametrics
PM - SysML Structure Modeling - Domain Modeling, Block Definition Diagrams, Internal Block Diagrams

Tuesday: Requirements Analysis

AM - Domain Modeling, Requirements Modeling
PM - Use Cases, Requirements Traceability

Wednesday: Behavior Modeling: Conceptual and Detailed Design

AM - Robustness Diagrams
PM - Sequence Diagrams, State Machines

Thursday: V&V, Design Driven Testing

AM - Acceptance Testing (Requirements Tests, Scenario Tests)
PM - Unit Testing, Interface Testing, State Machine Testing

Friday: Parametrics

AM - Value Types, Constraint Block diagrams
PM - Parametric Diagrams, export to simulators, Excel



SWISSML is a trademark of ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.