Analysis Paralysis Alerts

Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML:
A Practical Approach

Don't get bogged down in grammatical inspection. 23

Don't address multiplicity too early in the project. 27

Don't try to write use cases until you know what the users will actually be doing. 50

Don't spend weeks building elaborate, elegant use case models from which you can't build a reasonable design. 55

Don't spin your wheels worrying about when and where "uses" or "extends" is called for. 55

Don't let authors persuade you to use complicated tools and techniques that might not be appropriate for your project. 56

Don't try to do detailed design on robustness diagrams. 72

Don't waste time trying to perfect your robustness diagrams as your design evolves. 83

Don't try to allocate behavior among objects before you have a good idea what the objects are. 91

Don't try to start drawing a sequence diagram before you've completed the associated robustness diagram. 94

Don't focus on "get" and "set" methods to the detriment of real methods. 111

Don't do state diagrams for objects with two states. 120

Don't model what you don't really need to model. 124

Don't do state diagrams just because you can. 124

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