Mastering UML™ with Rational Rose and the ICONIX Process

Two Volume Set

Mastering UML with Rational Rose and the ICONIX Process

This is a CD-ROM detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling, using a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams. Designed to get the user from use cases to code quickly and efficiently, the ICONIX Process uses a minimal but sufficient core subset of UML diagrams to help avoid analysis paralysis. Also included on the tutorial are four examples from four different industries using Rational Rose which take the viewer through each part of the lifecycle, one step at a time.

Rational Rose for Power Users

This CD-ROM tutorial teaches how to optimize your project's usage of Rational Rose in support of a use-case driven UML modeling process. Topics include an introduction to use-case driven object modeling, scripting and other Rose extensibility mechanisms, how to load custom stereotypes into Rose, and a variety of productivity tips for using Rose more efficiently.

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