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"You can model 80 percent of most problems by using about 20 percent of the UML."-- Grady Booch

But which 20% was that again, please? More specifically, what parts of the UML do I need to get from use cases to code?

ICONIX UML Jumpstart Training - Get your project started while learning UML!

ICONIX presents a simplified approach to the UML. Developers can produce UML models with little startup time, while maintaining traceability from user requirements through detailed design and coding. This focus teaches a minimal, but sufficient modeling process. The training combines the theory of a use case driven object modeling process, an instructor-led work session where object models and use case models will be started for YOUR project, and hands-on laboratory sessions where company personnel continue to refine the models which were started in the work session. The tool of your choice is used, and the UML notation is used for modeling. For more information on on-site UML training email ICONIX.

Free White Papers on UML Register on our website and receive free copies of Doug Rosenberg's articles on use-case-driven UML development and OOAD.

Read the book "Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML, A Practical Approach", written by ICONIX president, Doug Rosenberg, and Kendall Scott to learn more about the ICONIX approach. The book provides an approach to UML modeling that includes diagrams and techniques you can use to get from use cases to code quickly and efficiently. In addition, the book examines proven methods for driving the object modeling process forward from use cases in a simple and straightforward manner.


"Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML" is a practical, hands-on guide to putting use case methods to work in real-world situations. This companion workbook to "Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML" bridges the gap between the theory presented in the authors' first book, and the practical issues involved in the development of an internet/e-commerce application.


Mastering UML with Rational Rose and the ICONIX Process is a CD-ROM tutorial detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling, using a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams. Designed to get the user from use cases to code quickly and efficiently, the ICONIX Process uses a minimal but sufficient core subset of UML diagrams to help avoid analysis paralysis. Also included on the tutorial are four examples from four different industries which take the viewer through each part of the lifecycle, one step at a time.

Rational Rose for Power Users

In this CD-ROM tutorial, ICONIX President Doug Rosenberg teaches how to optimize your project's usage of Rational Rose in support of a use-case driven UML modeling process. Topics include an introduction to use-case driven object modeling, scripting and other Rose extensibility mechanisms, how to load custom stereotypes into Rose, and a variety of productivity tips for using Rose more efficiently. This CD also introduces the Objectory stereotypes for boundary, control and entity objects, and explains why they will help your UML modeling efforts.

Webinar PowerPoint slides available for download!

To download a copy of Doug Rosenberg's presentation "UML for e-Commerce," click here.

To download a copy of Doug Rosenberg's presentation "Use Case Driven Object Modeling--A 99% Fat Free Approach," click here.


Call for Instructors

Senior OO engineers with teaching experience needed.
Experience in one or more of the following:

- Significant understanding of applying OO architecture and design concepts, following a use-case driven approach to the UML.

- In-depth knowledge of object-oriented software architecture, design, and development using various languages such as C++ and Java.

- Knowledge of distributed client-server computing, including CORBA and/or Microsoft COM/DCOM

- An understanding of the J2EE platform architecture, as well as the design and development of enterprise applications using the J2EE platform.

Please send resumes to: UMLtraining@iconixsw.com or fax to: 310-396-3454

*UML is a trademark of Object Management Group, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.




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