ICONIX Multimedia/CD-ROM Computer Based Training FAQ Sheet

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I decide which CD-ROM tutorials are the right ones for me?

Here is a little info about each of our CD-ROM tutorials:

The "Object Methodology Overview" CD provides a brief intro to the OMT method and describes the 3 major models (class, state and dataflow). This CD might be appropriate for managers, or for new people joining the project with no background in methodology.

Volumes 1 & 2 of the Unified CD-set covers, in great detail, the PROCESS you need to follow when you combine the Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson methods. This tutorial includes over a gigabyte of multimedia and discusses the Object Modeling process....basically, they teach you how to make good models.

Volume 3 of the Unified set, "Mastering UML with Rational Rose" provides an update to the Unified tutorial, and explains how to apply the Unified process using the UML notation.

According to Grady Booch, Chief Scientist of Rational, this CD-ROM is "A great way to learn the UML notation."

"An Interactive Briefing on Object Technology" provides an introduction to cutting-edge Object Technology featured on nearly 40 internet sites, all compiled on this CD-ROM. Sections include OT Basics and Advanced Topics, both of which help you to understand what the fuss over objects is all about.

Q. I'm confused about the difference between the "Mastering UML" CD and the three-volume UNIFIED set. Can you explain?

A. ICONIX introduced the "Unified Object Modeling Approach" tutorial as a 2 volume set in 1995, well BEFORE the UML effort was begun. The tutorial integrated the Jacobson, Rumbaugh, and Booch methods into a cohesive, unified process, and provided over a gigabyte of multimedia content on building good object models using this approach, including four example projects that illustrate the unified approach.

When UML 1.0 was released, we decided to update the tutorial to make use of the new UML standard notation, and re-did the examples using Rational Rose. We decided to leave the original process tutorials intact, as it remains a perfect fit for producing good, use-case-driven UML models. We also decided to offer the Mastering UML tutorial on both a standalone basis and as Volume 3 of the Unified Set.

Aren't those "legacy methods" (Booch, Jacobson, Rumbaugh) obsolete now that UML is here?

A. Actually, they aren't. Remember, UML is a notation, not a method. Just knowing how to draw the pictures isn't enough. The thought process behind object-oriented analysis and design, and in particular use-case driven OOAD, has been explored in great detail in the original methods. It is this thought process (which has not changed because of UML) that we've explained on the UNIFIED tutorial.

What has actually happened is that the advent of UML has made modeling with a unified Booch, Rumbaugh, Jacobson thought process much more convenient than it was before, because now the entire model can be expressed using UML.

Q. What kind of information is provided on the "Mastering UML" CD-ROM?

Briefly, what the UML CD-ROM provides includes:

A complete history of the UML evolution. The tutorial traces the history of UML from it's origins in the Booch, Rumbaugh and Jacobson methods, right through UML 1.0. This makes it easy for analysts and designers, who are familiar with the original techniques, to transition to the new notation.

Real world examples, presented in both the original notations and UML.

An extremely handy UML Quick Reference Section, giving you instant access to a full multimedia tutorial on each UML diagramming notation.

Kendall Scott's UML Dictionary. A handy HTML reference for UML terminology from the co-author of UML Distilled.

A demonstration version of Rational Rose, along with Rose models of the four example projects (Portfolio Management, Video on Demand, Onboard Navigation (IVHS) system and Hospital Information System).

Q. If I purchase "Mastering UML with Rational Rose" and then decide that I want "A Unified Modeling Approach" as well, will I have to pay extra for the Unified 2-volume CD set?

Your purchase price for Volume 3 is creditable against the cost of the Unified 2-volume set should you decide you want them after purchasing the UML CD. All of our CD's come with a 2-week money back guarantee, so there's no risk if you'd like to look at all 3 Volumes.

Q. Does the "Mastering UML" training course assume that I have prior knowledge of other OO techniques (i.e. OMT), or is it suitable for novices?

If you are completely new to OO, you might find our other CD-ROMs ("An Object Methodology Overview" and "A Unified Object Modeling Approach") to be quite helpful. Most people have been purchasing the entire set, because not understanding the process is where most projects run into problems, but there is no obligation to get all 3 CD-ROMs.

Q. What level of proficiency does the "Mastering UML" training course take me to?

If you're already familiar with all the concepts contained in the original Rumbaugh, Jacobson, and Booch methods, and understand how they fit together, but just need a refrence for the new notation and terminology of UML, the Mastering UML tutorial is right for you.

The Mastering UML CD-ROM provides you with a high-level introduction to the UML notation, but if you want to learn the whole process, it is best to consider purchasing "A Unified Object Modeling Approach". As an added bonus, the purchase of the Unified CD-ROM also entitles you to a FREE copy of the UML CD!

What are the main benefits of purchasing the ICONIX CD-ROM tutorials?

A. Time saved, and effective knowledge transfer.

When ICONIX produces a CD-ROM tutorial, we narrow down between 500 and 2,000 pages of detail-packed methodology text into a few hours of practical, easy to understand video and hyperlinks. ICONIX works extremely hard to edit unnecessary detail while still presenting valid and accurate information. The value of the CD-ROM tutorials is in their simplified approach to understanding the breadth of information out there in text format; this enables a greater number of people to master the most important concepts quickly.

Q. Do you guarantee our satisfaction? If so, how?

All of our CD-ROMs all come with a 15-day money back guarantee which gives you the opportunity to see how we teach the material. If you are not satisified, you can simply return the CD-ROMs, no questions asked.

Q. Im a beginner in System Analysis. I need a step-by-step tutorial of UML in ROSE, for analysis and development of an application with code generation. Can you help?

A. Our Rose for Power Users CD-ROM tutorial is intended to accomplish exactly this. It follows a use-case driven approach and includes the Objectory add-in from Rational along with a collection of scripts that extend Rose to more optimally support use-case driven modeling.

Additionally, we have a more detailed UML tutorial entitled Mastering UML with Rational Rose. For information, see http://www.iconixsw.com/Spec_Sheets/Uml2.html Training Course FAQ Sheet

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