ICONIX Company Profile

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the Object Technology industry for over 15 years. Established in 1984, the company has evolved from its roots as a CASE tool developer into a leading training and consulting firm. ICONIX offers on-site training in all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, including UML, COM, CORBA, and Java.

Onsite training classes offered by ICONIX are designed to increase the knowledge of cutting-edge software engineering technology. Students will learn practical and applied knowledge, not abstract theory. Specializing in UML JumpStart Training, the company has developed the ICONIX Process -- a lightweight, use-case driven, object oriented development process in widespread use across the industry today. It is a simplified approach that unifies the diverse set of object-oriented methods into a focused approach that covers the lifecycle.

More about the ICONIX Process is detailed in the book,
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML, A Practical Approach, written by ICONIX president, Doug Rosenberg and Kendall Scott. The book provides guidance on how to produce UML models with minimal startup time, while maintaining traceability from user requirements through detailed design and coding.

True to their reputation for leadership, ICONIX was the first to release state-of-the-art
Object-Oriented Methods training on CD-ROM. Keeping current with the needs of the software industry, the company now produces a broad range of subjects covering everything from an overview of Object Methodology to the newer subjects of UML, COM, CORBA. The CD-ROMs enjoy international success with a presence in over 40 countries.

The CDs offer fully interactive courseware at both introductory and advanced levels. They are an excellent supplement to our onsite training. Classroom time is much more productive when students have previewed tutorials and examples on CD-ROM.

ICONIX is proud to build and develop relationships with other leading technology companies to better serve the customer. Alliances are built to work in conjunction with ICONIX, enabling the company to provide complete solutions for all our customers needs. Partnering companies include: Rational Software, Wintrac Inc., Embarcadero Technologies Inc., and CustomWare.

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