ICONIX Training & Consulting Services FAQ Sheet

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We need to accelerate our schedule by 2 months in a week; is this possible?

A. Maybe. With ICONIX JumpStart Training, it is actually possible to accelerate your schedule by a couple of person-months in a 1 week session. Here's how this can work:

If we assume that there are 10 students in the class, we've got 10 person-weeks of labor available + 1 for the instructor, totaling 11 available person-weeks of labor.

IF all the students watch the tutorial
CD-ROMs before class begins, and IF our instructor is briefed on the project, beforehand, we can productively apply most of those 11 weeks of labor towards getting your project moving. If we assume that 75% of the effort during class provides direct benefit to your project (a realizable goal in many cases), you can see significant schedule gains.

Because all ICONIX instructors are experienced team leaders and are skilled at breaking "analysis paralysis" , applying JumpStart Training can dramatically accelerate the pace of your project.

Q. How qualified are the ICONIX course instructors?

A. All of the course instructors at ICONIX have been personally selected by Doug Rosenberg, President of ICONIX. Each instructor has many years of experience in the support and development of software, along with well-developed leadership and training skills.

Q. How much time will ICONIX devote to reviewing our project materials before the course?

A. As much time as it takes! ICONIX (usually under non-disclosure) receives detailed information about your project, usually about 2 weeks prior to the course. This gives our instructors time to study your project prior to the workshop so that when we walk through the door, we are ready to work. This service is part of the JumpStart Training workshop and done at no extra cost.

Q. I'm looking for a training course that leaves me with something to refer to besides class notes. What does ICONIX offer?

A. You're in luck. ICONIX provides tutorials on CD-ROM which are available to you at no cost with the purchase of a five-day training session. These tutorials are a quick and easy means by which you can refer to materials covered in class, or brush up on your Object Technology skills.

Q. Am I able to work directly with modeling tools in the lab, or is the training done by the instructor examples only?

A. ICONIX will provide hands-on lecture/lab instruction during the session with the modeling tool of your choice, or pencil/paper exercises if you prefer. We believe that much of the learning occurs in the lab. We're familiar with most of the modeling tools on the market.

Q. We really don't have a lot of time to devote to a training session. Does ICONIX offer any courses that are shorter in length but still provide the same quality and content we'd expect in a longer class?

A. We sure do! In fact, our 3 day UML for E-Commerce was designed specifically with the time-issue in mind. We've found that many companies would like shorter training sessions, but with the same content found in the longer sessions. A 2 or 3 day class offers an accelerated version of our longer courses where we cover the same material but in half the time. We can do this because of our unique ability to deliver lecture content from our books - "Use Case Driven Object Modeling; A Practical Approach" , our workbook, "Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML" , and our CD-ROM tutorials on UML.

Q. Our company really doesn't have time to waste on pointless examples. We want to directly apply the OOAD material to our project--now!! What do we do?

A. What you need is JumpStart Training. This training course format offers you the most efficient means of learning what you want, how you want; most importantly, what you learn is directly applied to your project.

Q. Our company is looking for some flexibility in the training we receive, rather than the pre-formatted stuff we've been seeing. What are the courses available from ICONIX, and how flexible are the schedules?

A. We know that every company faces different needs, issues, and requirements; that's why we believe that training should be flexible and meet the clients needs, not ours. All of our courses can be adapted to meet your specific training needs.

Q. How do you guarantee our satisfaction?

. Our CD-ROMs all come with a 15-day money back guarantee which gives you the opportunity to see how we teach the material before you hire us for an actual onsite course. You can start off with 1-set of CD-ROMs on a 15-day money back guarantee, and this purchase price will be creditable toward any 5-day on site course.

What do we offer that sets us apart from the rest?

Training videos available on
Unbiased towards any CASE tool
training tailored to your needs
Full on-site consulting services
Integrated classroom training and hands-on experience with CASE tools

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