elow for details on how ICONIX can help with your on-site training and consulting needs, no matter where you are located.

International On-Site Training & Consulting Services

Regardless of where you are located, ICONIX is pleased to offer on-site training and consulting. Our instructors are found in various cities, and if you do not find an ICONIX instructor in your area, we will travel to your site!

Multimedia CD-ROM Training

ICONIX CD-ROM training courses provide a significant reduction in overall training time. Access the training courses when you need them, and as often as you need them. CD-ROM courseware is an ideal way to get everyone on the team to a common knowledge level. The CD-ROMs can be used as complement to live instruction, or as help while you're doing modeling.

For detailed information on how ICONIX can customize on-site training for your project, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world, contact Jonathan Keyser with a detailed description of your training requirements.

For Further information about ICONIX International Training and Consulting Services see the items below:

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