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May 4, 1999

ICONIX releases CD-ROM tutorial, "Fundamentals of COM - Part 1"

Santa Monica, CA -- ICONIX Software Engineering, a world-wide leader in object-oriented training, announced the release of "Fundamentals of COM - Part 1." This is the first volume in "Comprehensive COM," a series of 5 multimedia tutorials on the Component Object Model (COM). Created in partnership with Microsoft specialist Wintrac Inc., the series addresses all aspects of COM including: COM design techniques, COM threading models, and Interface Definition Language (IDL). Early volumes provide an introduction to COM clients and servers using C++. Later volumes build on this foundation and address COM programming using frameworks such as Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and ActiveX Template Library (ATL).

"Fundamentals of COM - Part I" begins by explaining the principles behind COM and compares the solutions provided by COM with other techniques. It introduces COM in the context of other OLE and ActiveX technologies, then examines COM from the client's perspective. An example COM client program is presented, along with an explanation of all the fundamental COM concepts: HRESULTS, GUIDs, ProgIDs, and the IUnknown Interface. Additionally, the different types of COM servers and the steps involved in creating COM servers are discussed.

The main emphasis of the first COM tutorial is to introduce the underlying fundamentals of major COM techniques in order to prepare for the more detailed tutorials in the series. Subjects to be covered in the remaining five volumes include:

Volume Two: Fundamentals of COM -- Part II
Volume Three: DCOM Internals/ActiveX Technologies
Volume Four: COM+/MTS/MSMQ
Volume Five: COM Programming with ATL

ICONIX president, Doug Rosenberg, stated, "We had two main goals for creating this series of tutorials. We wanted to make COM comprehensible, and we also wanted to cover it comprehensively. We think this first tutorial gets us off to a good start. The 5 volume COM series will also serve as a complement to the UML and CORBA tutorials that ICONIX already offers."

Recognized as leaders in object-oriented software engineering technology, ICONIX leads the industry in delivering multimedia computer-based training to the O-O development community. With subjects including COM, CORBA, UML, and Rational Rose, ICONIX's suite of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology is in widespread use in over 40 countries around the world. ICONIX also offers onsite training in COM, UML, and Unified Methods, which serves as an excellent complement to the CD-ROM tutorials.

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