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August 23, 1999

ICONIX announces "Comprehensive COM, Volume 2: Fundamentals of COM, Part 2"

Santa Monica, CA -- ICONIX Software Engineering, a world-wide leader in object-oriented training, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its industry-leading suite of multimedia tutorials on object-oriented technology - Volume 2 of the Comprehensive COM tutorial series, Fundamentals of COM Part 2." Where Volume 1 of this series looked at COM from a client perspective, Volume 2 crosses the client-server boundary and takes a look at COM from the server side.

Volume 2 discusses COM from the server-side perspective, including a detailed analysis of inprocess servers as well as a discussion of the differences between inprocess and local servers. A complete raw C++ example for an inprocess server is provided and analyzed. Several textbook chapters worth of COM programming material is broken down and displayed on easily understood slides.

Remote servers, DCOM, Proxies, Stubs, and Marshalling are introduced in this volume. The Interface Definition Language, or IDL, is explained with narrated example code, and the rationale for using it is made clear. MIDL, the compiler used on IDL files, is also described in detail. Additionally, Multi-threading is introduced along with an explanation of Apartments and Threading Scenarios.

The main emphasis of the COM 2 tutorial is to discuss COM from a server implementation perspective in order to prepare for the more detailed tutorials in the series. Subjects to be covered in the remaining four volumes include:

Volume Three: DCOM Internals/ActiveX Technologies
Volume Four: COM+/MTS/MSMQ
Volume Five: COM Programming with ATL

Recognized as leaders in object-oriented software engineering technology, ICONIX leads the industry in delivering multimedia computer-based training to the O-O development community. With subjects including COM, CORBA, UML, and Rational Rose, ICONIX's suite of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology is in widespread use in over 40 countries around the world. ICONIX also offers onsite training in COM, UML, and Unified Methods, which serves as an excellent complement to the CD-ROM tutorials.

How to contact ICONIX:

For further information or to purchase a CD, please contact ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. can be reached by any of the following ways: Phone: 310-458-0092; Fax: 310-396-3454; email: