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January 31, 2000

ICONIX announces "Comprehensive COM, Volume 3: "DCOM internals /ActiveX technologies"

Santa Monica, CA -- ICONIX Software Engineering, industry leader in object-oriented training, is pleased to announce the newest addition to its multimedia tutorials on object technology. "DCOM internals /ActiveX technologies" is the third in a series of 5 tutorials covering the Component Object Model. Volume 3 takes a look at the different ActiveX technologies which are built on top of COM. Technologies covered on the CD-ROM include: automation, persistence, structured storage, connection points, monikers, uniform data transfer, ActiveX controls and drag and drop.

This volume also provides a detailed look at the DCOM remoting architecture, custom and standard marshalling and the OXID resolution process. Several scenarios are provided to support theory discussions. In addition, several interactive demonstrations reinforce the use of these technologies in the individual application. The CD concludes by taking a look at COM security discussing activation security, call security, programmatic security and interface level security.

Earlier volumes focused on COM from the client perspective (volume 1) and COM from the server-side (volume 2). The remaining 2 volumes will cover the following subjects:

Volume Four: COM+/MTS/MSMQ
Volume Five: COM Programming with ATL

Recognized around the world as leaders in the OO software engineering technology, ICONIX's popular multimedia CD-ROM tutorials are currently in widespread use in over 40 countries. All CBT tutorials are available directly through calling ICONIX or by ordering at the secure on-line web site.

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