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Santa Monica, CA
March 8, 1999

ICONIX Contact: Jon Graff

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. and Wintrac Inc. Collaborate to Offer COM/DCOM multimedia tutorials, UML and COM Onsite Training

ICONIX to produce "Comprehensive COM," a series of COM/DCOM multimedia tutorials, in conjunction with Wintrac, Inc.

ICONIX Software Engineering, a software development, training & consulting firm and Wintrac Inc. a specialist in Microsoft COM/DCOM and related technology, announced today a joint partnership that will offer a series of COM/DCOM CBT tutorials. Bringing together ICONIX's experience in producing multimedia tutorials on object technology and Wintrac's course material on COM/DCOM, the result will be, "Comprehensive COM," a series of highly detailed and informative multimedia tutorials.

Designed to be a 5 volume set, the series will contain:

Volume l - Fundamentals of COM - part 1

Volume ll - Fundamentals of COM - part 2

Volume lll - COM Technologies

Volume lV - COM Programming with ATL

Volume V - COM Programming with MFC

The series is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to COM addressing all aspects of COM including: COM design techniques, COM Threading models, Interface Definition Language (IDL), COM technologies such as automation, and recent trends like COM+ and Microsoft Transaction Server. The first volume provides an introduction to COM clients and servers using C++. Later volumes build on this foundation and address COM programming using frameworks such as Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and ActiveX Template Library (ATL). Interactive demonstrations and complete source code examples provide an excellent medium to get a thorough introduction to COM. Interaction with objects on a remote machine (DCOM) will be discussed on all CDs, with the last CD focusing on details of the DCOM remoting infrastructure.

Additionally, both companies announced their intentions to form a partnership that will offer customers both UML and COM on-site training. This reciprocal agreement will allow ICONIX to outsource their customer demands for COM training to Wintrac, and conversely, Wintrac will outsource their customer needs for UML training to ICONIX.

ICONIX president, Doug Rosenberg, stated, "'Comprehensive COM' will be an excellent addition to our suite of UML and CORBA tutorials. Whether developers choose to target Microsoft or OMG platforms, our tutorials provide the knowledge to get the job done."

Designed to suit individual company needs, ICONIX training courses provide unbiased analysis of individual projects and environment needs as opposed to promoting one particular methodology. Classes combine: the theory of a Unified Object Modeling process, an instructor-led working session, and hands-on laboratory sessions. The UML notation is used for modeling. Look to: for further details.

Recognized around the world as leaders in object-oriented software engineering technology, ICONIX leads the industry in applying multimedia technology to the delivery of computer-based training to the O-O development community. With subjects including CORBA, Unified Methods, UML, and Rational Rose for Power Users, ICONIX's suite of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology are in widespread use in over 40 countries around the world.

More information on ICONIX's CD-ROM tutorials can be found at:

Wintrac Inc. provides cutting edge training which address all aspects of Windows programming. Wintrac courses have been used to train employees from a wide variety of companies including many from the Fortune 500. Relevant technology developments are closely monitored and courses are frequently updated to provide students with an indepth unbiased look at these technologies. Wintrac also specializes in customizing these courses for individual project needs.

In addition to their onsite training services, Wintrac licenses their courses to other training companies. A variety of flexible licensing schemes including a one-time licensing fee, per class licensing and per student licensing are provided. All course materials include class room slides, student notes, instructor notes, lab instructions, and lab solutions. You can get more information about the courses offered by Wintrac at:

Contact Information for ICONIX:

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. 2800 28th Street, Suite 320 Santa Monica, CA 90405 Phone: 310.458.0092 Fax: 310.396.3454 Web: Email:

Contact Information for Wintrac:

WINTRAC INC. 16523 S.W. McGwire Ct. Beaverton, OR 97007 Phone: 503.259.0312 Fax: 503.259.0392 Web: Email: