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Santa Monica, CA
January 21, 1999

ICONIX releases "Basic CORBA,"
Volume II of the Complete CORBA CBT Series

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc., a leader in object-oriented technology, announced the release of "Basic CORBA," the second volume of the multimedia tutorial series, "Complete CORBA." Volume I (released in November 1998), entitled, "Introduction to CORBA" provided the user with a background look into the goals and evolution of the CORBA standard, as well as a high level look at the CORBA architecture.

Volume II takes the user inside the CORBA architecture and examines the details of Interface Definition Language (IDL), the ORB Core, and Object Adapters. In addition, a comprehensive ticketing system example is provided that traces a CORBA project step by step from a UML model, through IDL, and all the way into Java code for both client and server sides.

In further detail, "Basic CORBA" provides: an inside look at the ORB Core all the way down to describing each method on the ORB and OBJECT Interfaces; an in-depth discussion on Object Adapters that explains the inner mechanisms of this important component of the CORBA architecture; the operation of the Basic Object Adapter (BOA) is described, as well as a method-by-method description of the BOA Interface. A discussion of different Server Activation Policies is also included.

The example begins with a description of the high-level use cases for a distributed ticketing application. The use cases are explored through object sequence diagrams which reveal the distributed client-server behavior required of the application. A static class model is introduced, showing the main interfaces which will be specified in IDL and implemented in Java. The narrated UML model is followed by a walk-through of the IDL code. The IDL to Java compilation process is then described and a tour of the Java Remoting Package for the application is presented. The final step of the example presents Java code for both client and server explained in detail.

ICONIX president, Doug Rosenberg, stated, "We are excited to add Volume II of Complete CORBA to our growing family of multimedia tutorials on object technology. The Complete CORBA series makes it easier to master the complexities of developing distributed object-oriented applications using CORBA."

Recognized around the world as leaders in the OO software engineering technology, ICONIX's popular multimedia CD-ROM tutorials are currently in widespread use in over 40 countries. All CBT tutorials are available directly through calling ICONIX or by ordering at the secure on-line web site.

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