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Boston, MA
March 17, 1998

ICONIX and CORBA Development Announce Multimedia Tutorial Series on CORBA

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc., a global leader in object technology, in partnership with CORBA Development, is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of a series of in-depth tutorials on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture.

The tutorial series, tentatively titled "COMPLETE CORBA", will feature over 3 gigabytes of interactive video on a series of 3 CD-ROMs, providing an in-depth tutorial on all aspects of developing distributed applications using the CORBA architecture of the Object Management Group (OMG).

The 3 CD-ROM set will be organized as follows:

Volume I -- Introduction to CORBA
Volume II -- Basic CORBA
Volume III -- Advanced CORBA

"We're excited to add a series on CORBA to our growing family of multimedia tutorials" stated Doug Rosenberg, President of ICONIX. "We believe there is a great demand for easy to comprehend, yet detailed training on CORBA, as there has been for our 3 volume set on UML and Unified Object Modeling. We've been planning a detailed CORBA course for about 2 years, since we released our "Interactive Briefing on Object Technology" CD, and we're happy to have those plans become reality."

"Distributed computing using CORBA is a comparatively young and growing market. It is also a development model that requires a great deal of both conceptual and practical (tool-level) technical knowledge", stated Charlie Bowman, editor of CORBA Development.

"The primary objectives of CORBA Development are to fill the technical abyss that currently exists with regard to distributed computing using CORBA, and to provide readers with technical, product and "how to" information in a timely, concise format", Bowman continued. "The new "COMPLETE CORBA" tutorial series from ICONIX promises to do exactly that".

Recognized around the world as leaders in object-oriented software engineering technology, ICONIX leads the industry in applying multimedia technology to the delivery of computer-based training to the O-O development community. ICONIX's popular series of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology are in widespread use in over 40 countries around the world.

Located in Santa Monica,California, ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. can be reached by any of the following ways:
Phone: 310-458-0092, Fax: 310-396-3454