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September 27, 1999

Santa Monica, CA -- ICONIX is pleased to announce the release of "Fundamentals of Distributed Components," a 4 volume CD-ROM series that presents a survey of the two main competing technologies for building distributed component object systems: CORBA and COM/DCOM. With the majority of distributed object systems being built using these two technologies, it is essential for developers to fully understand both CORBA and COM and the differences between the two.

The series includes 2 multimedia tutorials on CORBA, "Complete CORBA, volumes 1&2" and 2 tutorials on COM, "Comprehensive COM, volumes 1&2." Together they provide an unbiased introduction of distributed components enabling clients to make an educated decision on choosing the most suitable technology for their needs.

Volume 1 of Complete CORBA gives an overview of CORBA. It includes the history and background of CORBA, the OMG, and the architecture within which it fits. A discussion of distributed computing architectures is presented, along with an explanation of the decision making process which led to the CORBA standard. The CORBA architecure is examined, one component at a time. A discussion of CORBA from the perspective of a programming framework introduces the core interfaces, advanced interfaces, and the Interface Repository

Volume 2 takes the viewer inside the CORBA architecture and examines the details of the Interface Definition Language (IDL), the ORB Core, and Object Adapters. Static and dynamic approaches to distributed object communication are explained, as well as a discussion of CORBA Services and Facilities. ORB Interoperability is also addressed and analyzed.

"Comprehensive COM, volumes 1&2" reviews the rationale behind COM and describes the problems being solved by COM. Volume 1 introduces basic COM fundamentals such as interfaces and describes details of COM programming constructs such as GUIDS. Several narrated code examples and demos are included. COM is examined in the context of other OLE and ActiveX technologies, then looked at from the client's perspective.

Volume 2 of Comprehensive COM crosses the client-server boundary and takes a look at COM from a server implementation perspective. The tutorial introduces Multithreading, and explains the different kinds of Apartments, along with the details of Threading Scenarios. Also included is an explanation of COM reuse mechanisms Aggregation and Containment, and the differences between them . The complete C++ code for implementing in-process and local server COM objects is provided and analyzed. This volume also provides an excellent overview of IDL, the Interface Definition Language, used for specifying interfaces.

The 4 volume series is available for $795.00. The CD-ROMs are also available individually at $295.00 each, or by set at $495.00 (CORBA, Volumes 1&2 or COM, Volumes 1&2)

Recognized as leaders in object-oriented software engineering technology, ICONIX leads the industry in delivering multimedia computer-based training to the O-O development community. With subjects including COM, CORBA, UML, and Rational Rose, ICONIX's suite of multimedia CD-ROM tutorials on Object Technology is in widespread use in over 40 countries. ICONIX also offers onsite training in COM, UML, and Unified Methods, which serves as an excellent complement to the CD-ROM tutorials.

For further information or to purchase a CD, please contact ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. can be reached by any of the following ways: Phone: 310-458-0092; Fax: 310-396-3454; email: