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ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. announces "Inside the ICONIX Process using Embarcadero's Describe," a multimedia tutorial following a lightweight, use-case driven approach to UML modeling

Santa Monica, CA - June 13, 2001 - ICONIX Software Engineering, an industry leader in Object Technology, has announced, "Inside the ICONIX Process with Describe'," a CD-ROM detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling, and illustrating this approach with detailed examples using Describe', Embarcadero Technologies' UML design and development tool. Based on a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams, this object-oriented development approach is designed to get the user from use cases to code quickly and efficiently.

Developed over a decade of training and experience in teaching Object-Oriented Analysis and Design onsite JumpStart* workshops, the ICONIX Process uses a minimal but sufficient core subset of UML diagrams to help avoid analysis paralysis. It provides practical, real-world guidelines to help large organizations with the increasingly complex job of managing their software development.

The tutorial updates the material published in, "A Unified Object Modeling Approach," a pre-UML CD-ROM that provided training on how to integrate the original object-oriented analysis and design approaches of Rumbaugh, Booch, and Jacobson into a cohesive process. "Inside the ICONIX Process, Volume 1" takes the material a step further and explains how the ICONIX integration of the three methodologies fits within the current set of UML notations. Each modeling technique is explained in detail. In addition, four examples, which use Describe, take the viewer through each part of the lifecycle, one step at a time.

"We're pleased to partner with ICONIX as they continue to educate developers about the benefits of the UML with a real world, rather than academic, approach." said Joshua Horwitz, Director of Marketing, Application Development Tools, at Embarcadero Technologies. "Describe offers application architects and developers a process-flexible tool that enables them to take advantage of the ICONIX process within their development environment and to get their work done more efficiently."

"If you look at 'The UML User Guide,' there's a quote in Chapter 32 that says, 'You can model 80% of most problems by using about 20% of the UML.'" says Doug Rosenberg, President of ICONIX. "However, nowhere in the book do the authors tell you which 20% that might be. We've spent the last 10 years refining our understanding of what "minimal, yet sufficient" means in the context of UML modeling. We've helped hundreds of projects avoid analysis paralysis by taking a minimalist approach to modeling. Our subset of the UML focuses in on the core set of notations you'll need to do most of your modeling work. We explain each technique in detail, and also discuss where you might be able to use additional elements of the UML."


ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the Object Technology industry for over 15 years. Established in 1984, the company has evolved from it's roots as a CASE tool developer into a leading training and consulting firm. ICONIX offers on-site training in all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, specializing in UML-based JumpStart(tm) Training. ICONIX also offers live training and state-of-the-art multimedia tutorials in CORBA and COM.


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