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ICONIX Collaborates with Rational to Develop New Rational Rose Add-in while Simultaneously Documenting Development Process for Publication on Rational Developer Network

Santa Monica, CA, June 11, 2001 -- ICONIX Software Engineering, an industry leader in object technology and software engineering, has announced a joint project with Rational Software to conduct one of the first Reference Projects for the Rational Developer Network, a developer portal that delivers targeted content to Rational Suite customers. The end result of this project will be a Rational Rose Add-in that automatically creates Rational TestManager requirements and test cases from use cases modeled in Rational Rose.

"This Reference Project will enable us to demonstrate the use of Rational Suite, including a light-weight development case of the Rational Unified Process, on a real-world application and in a highly visible manner," said Jeff Kantor, ICONIX COO. "Being published as a Reference Project means that the entire project history, artifacts, and products are posted on Rational Developer Network for Rational Suite customers to use."

"The process being employed on this project is a streamlined version of the Rational Unified Process, which includes all the activities of technical, management, and test process sufficient for the most complex and mission critical applications, including major enterprise systems," said Mr. Kantor. "Since the target application of this project is much simpler than that, a significant tailoring is being applied to come up with a light-weight variant of the Rational Unified Process, using a core subset of fundamentally important UML diagrams. This variant, designed to get the user from use cases to code and tests quickly and efficiently, is based on ICONIX's experience with our own process. This is being documented as a tailoring of the Rational Unified Process requirements, Analysis and Design, and Test Workflows in the first of the experience articles to be published by the Reference Project."

The project complements the new ICONIX course, "Use Case Driven Testing with UML." Both the project and the course tailor the test planning and design activities of the Test Workflow in a way that leverages the requirements and design artifacts most effectively for test purposes. The prototype version of the Rational Rose Add-in that will result from this project enables the test workers to apply this process.

"We're very pleased to have ICONIX Software collaborating with Rational and contributing to Rational Developer Network content, as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the use of UML and Rational tools," said Paul Kopacki, Rational Developer Network Content Product Manager. "This Reference Project will be a useful learning tool for any software developer, and the Rational Rose Add-in ultimately resulting from this project should be valuable to Rational Suite users involved in QA and testing."

The project is the next step in a long-term relationship between the companies that dates to the early 1990s when ICONIX released the first of a series of CDs about the ICONIX Process (a UML-based process for software engineering) featuring object oriented models created with Rational Rose and an evaluation copy of the tool.

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the object technology and software engineering industry for over 15 years. Established in 1984, the company has evolved from it's roots as a CASE tool developer into a leading training and consulting firm. ICONIX offers on-site training in all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Testing, specializing in UML-based JumpStart Training. ICONIX also offers live training and state-of-the-art multimedia tutorials in CORBA and COM. More information on ICONIX can be found at our website:

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