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Santa Monica, CA -- ICONIX Software, a leading provider of training and consulting in Object Technology, is pleased to announce the newly released, Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML, Addison-Wesley, June 2001, written by Doug Rosenberg, founder and president of ICONIX, and Kendall Scott. Published by Addison-Wesley, the book is a hands-on guide to putting a use case driven methodology to work in real-world situations. This companion workbook to Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML, Addison-Wesley, March 1999, bridges the gap between the theory presented in the authors' first book, and the practical issues involved in the development of an internet/E-Commerce application.

"The number one complaint that people have about methodology books is the lack of cohesive examples," commented Kendall Scott, co-author. "The example that runs through the workbook not only satisfies that need, but also offers the readers the chance to participate in designing the example system, instead of just following along."

"Many practitioners struggle when it comes to applying use cases," said Paul Becker, senior editor, Addison-Wesley. "This new book goes beyond teaching and forces the reader to put use cases to work."

In conjunction with the new workbook, the company has also released, Inside the ICONIX Process, Volume 1, a CD-ROM detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling,using a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams. Designed to get projects from use cases to code quickly and efficiently, this object-oriented development approach is in widespread use across the industry today.

Additionally, the company has announced a new onsite training workshop, UML for E-Commerce. The workshop combines the theory of the ICONIX process, an instructor-led work session where object models and use case models will be started for an Internet Bookstore project, and hands-on lab sessions where students use visual modeling tools to refine the models.

Doug Rosenberg, president of ICONIX, stated, "The combination of the new workbook, which contains an extensive E-Commerce example model for an Internet Bookstore, and the new CD-ROM, which, along with our first book, describes the ICONIX Process in great detail, gives ICONIX a tremendous advantage in delivering UML for E-Commerce efficiently, in a highly compressed time format."


ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leading software tool developer, training and consulting firm since 1984. ICONIX produces state-of-the-art computer-based training on CD-ROM, and offers both multimedia-based and on-site training on all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, including UML, CORBA, and COM. The company is privately held, with headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. The ICONIX website can be found at

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Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML will be published in June, 2001, for $34.99, 176 pages, paperback, ISBN 0-201-73039-1. This book is available wherever fine technical books are sold and at