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June 13, 2000


Andrea G. Lee
Director of Marketing Development
ICONIX Software Engineering

Embarcadero Technologies and ICONIX Unified Process support provides "Rubber Hits the Road" Approach to Software Development.

Littleton, CO - June 13, 2000 - Today Embarcadero Technologies Inc., developers of the award winning visual modeling tool GDPro, announces the support for the ICONIX process, lightweight, use-case driven, object oriented development process in widespread use across industry today.

"We are pleased to add ICONIX support in GDPro," says Greg Schottland, president of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. "The ICONIX process is quickly adopted and implemented within organizations and we have seen significant impacts in projects success rates among clients who follow it. By adding GDPro to this strong process, we can now offer these benefits to GDPro users," Schottland concludes.

This partnership brings together leading UML visual modeling technology provided by GDPro and best-in-class software process support provided by ICONIX. Global 1000 organizations are increasingly relying on improved and repeatable software processes. The ICONIX process provides practical, real-world guidelines to help large organizations with the increasingly complex job of managing their software development, while avoiding analysis paralysis.

The ICONIX process uses a minimal but sufficient core subset of UML. GDPro, an industry leading UML visual modeling tool, fills a key need of software organizations, supporting design of new applications and discovery and documentation of existing software assets. Together, Advanced Software and ICONIX provide an integrated solution for improved management of software application development.

"Many of our clients have been wishing to see the ICONIX process supported in a tool with a strong multi-user architecture for quite some time" says Doug Rosenberg, ICONIX president and author of "Use Case Driven Modeling with UML: A Practical Approach" with Kendall Scott. "We teach a practical, real-world development approach which scales readily to support large projects, but the lack of concurrent, multi-user updating capability is a problem with many of the tools on the market today. We are excited about the enhanced tool support ICONIX clients now have available," Rosenberg continues.

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.:

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., a leader in the fast growing field of software e-asset management, develops and markets visual application design solutions that bring control and predictability to the management of e-business software assets. Leading fortune 1000 companies such as Lucent, America Online, NASDAQ and Boeing use its flagship GDPro product to discover, improve design, and accelerate development of their critical, enterprise software applications. The company is privately held with headquarters located in Colorado, the company's web site is at:


ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. has been a leading software tool developer, training and consulting firm since 1984. ICONIX produces state-of-the-art computer-based training on CD-ROM, and offers both multimedia-based and on-site training on all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, including UML, CORBA, and COM. The company is privately held, with headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. The ICONIX website can be found at

About the book and ICONIX process:

Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML -- A Practical Approach provides practical guidance that shows developers how to produce UML models with minimal startup time, while maintaining traceability from user requirements through detailed design and coding. The book presents a streamlined approach that includes a minimal but sufficient set of diagrams and techniques you can use to get from use cases to code quickly and efficiently. More information about the book can be found at

"Inside the ICONIX Process, Volume 1," the latest multimedia CD-ROM detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling, uses a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams. Designed to get the user from use cases to code quickly and efficiently, this object-oriented development approach is in widespread use across the industry today.

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