The confusion associated with today's plethora of competing methodologies for Object-Oriented Development has led many OOP practitioners to ignore the analysis and design process and revert to 'just writing the code'. This represents a step backward that threatens to undo the clear advantages of Object Technology for greater re-use, and more natural modularization into systems of loosely coupled, highly cohesive objects.

ObjectModeler(tm) provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, yet powerful vehicle for expressing and communicating object-oriented designs in several of today's most popular methodologies. As with all ICONIX PowerTools(tm) modules, it provides an industrial-strength solution capable of handling large projects without taking a team to make it work.



Method Support:

RUMBAUGH. Rumbaugh OMT support includes Class Diagrams showing the complete range of aggregation, generalization, multiplicity, and association symbols (including link attributes and ternary associations) described in that method. FreeFlow(tm) is used to describe process models, while FastTask(tm) is used for multi-level state diagrams.

JACOBSON. Jacobson Objectory support includes Use Case Diagrams, Domain Object Diagrams, Analysis Diagrams (including Interface, Control and Entity Objects, Inheritance and Extends associations, Attributes, and Subsystems), and Design Diagrams (including Blocks and Object Modules). Implementation models are also supported using ObjectModeler's built-in Language Sensitive Editor. FastTask is used for state transition graphs.

BOOCH. Booch '91 support includes Class Diagrams, Object Diagrams, and Specification Templates. Complete support is provided for a wide range of inheritance, instantiation, and messaging relationships, as well as class categories, class utilities, object parameters and fields and other design descriptions. AdaFlow(tm) is used for Module Architecture Diagrams, and FastTask for describing finite state machines.

COAD/YOURDON. Coad/Yourdon support encompasses the full 5-layer (Subject, Class & Object, Structure, Attribute, Service) model, and allows analysts to define Class Hierarchies, emphasizing Gen-Spec and Whole-Part relationships as well as messaging, for large multiple-subject systems. FastTask is used for state transition diagrams.


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