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The absolute fastest way to learn Object-Oriented Methods, this CD-ROM summarizes thousands of pages of methodology text and provides practical guidance on how to select the most appropriate methods for your projects.

You'll learn about the different classes of O-O methods, where they came from, and what each method is best suited for.

The tutorial includes narrated examples of several of the most popular methods, including:

Rumbaugh's Object Modeling Technique (OMT):

Jacobson's Use Case driven Objectory method:

CRC cards and Wirfs-Brock approach:

As well as Booch and Coad/Yourdon methods.

You'll learn the difference between OO Analysis and OO Design, and why you need both on your project:

And, you'll learn how to most effectively combine the techniques of different methodologies into a Unified Approach.

The Overview CD provides an excellent introduction to the more detailed training provided on the ICONIX tutorial A Unified Object Modeling Aproach, which provides a software process that is a perfect match for the new UML (Unified Modeling Language) notation.

Confused by the seemingly endless stream of jargon associated with object-oriented development? Don't be. We've got a glossary for you.

And we've also given you guidance on what to look for in an Object Modeling tool, to help you make a more informed buying decision.

An Object Methodology Overview is an extremely cost-effective alternative to spending weeks of labor reading thousands of pages of texts on O-O methods.

Condensed digital video slideshows illustrate CD-ROM contents.


Object-Oriented methodologies can be grouped into three primary classes: Data-Centered, Scenario-Based, and Structural. All three of these approaches can contribute significantly to understanding the requirements and design of a system. At ICONIX, we believe that each of the above approaches has some validity, but none of them are complete and optimal for all systems. In fact, even within a single system, one methodology may not be optimal for describing all aspects of the analysis and design. With this in mind, ICONIX has introduced a survey training course on CD-ROM which will help you select the most appropriate methodologies for your specific project.

This state-of-the-art training tool offers an in-depth comparative overview of various popular OOA and OOD methods, and also highlights the best application of each methodology. The CD-ROM also includes a full multi-media presentation including step-by-step narrative explanations and interactive demonstrations of Booch, Rumbaugh, Jacobson and Coad/Yourdon approaches, in addition to guidelines for determining which methods are appropriate for different aspects of development projects.

Methodologies surveyed:

Topics include:


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