An Interactive Briefing on Object Technology

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This CD-ROM tutorial provides approximately 4 hours of multimedia tutorials covering the most important areas of Object Technology in a format that is useful to both managers and practicing software engineers. The CD contains narrated summaries of nearly 40 internet (WWW) sites, as well as a bookmarks file which provides live links to the sites. The summaries provide a quick introduction to the cutting-edge technology featured on the sites, while the live links allow more comprehensive study of the material, and enable viewers to keep pace with the rapid changes in the OT field.

Topics covered include:

A clickable map provides rapid access to different areas of the tutorial:

The OT Basics section of the tutorial provides an introduction to the basic concepts of object-orientation, including an explanation of where the benefits of OT come from, and a discussion of O-O programming languages.

Advanced topics covered in the tutorial include distributed object technology, including a detailed analysis of both CORBA/SOM/OpenDoc/LiveObjects and COM/OLE/ActiveX:

Object technology for Internet and Multimedia development, including an extensive discussion of the Java Language:

We've included the most current information on emerging component technology such as Java Beans, along with a discussion of how Beans can interoperate with both ActiveX and LiveObjects, as well as providing links to the internet to keep you current as this technology matures.

And, you can learn about the advantages of object databases, and the differences between different ODBMS systems.

Whether you're a manager who needs to understand what all the fuss about objects is about, or a software engineer who needs instant access to the most interesting OT sites on the web, An Interactive Briefing on Object Technology will be a valuable weapon in your fight to keep up with this fast-changing field.

The following vendors have granted us permission to capture video of their website and feature it on the Interactive Briefing CD:

Technologies featured include:

Netscape Bookmarks for all websites shown are included on the CD-ROM. Available for Windows and Macintosh.
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