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Training customized to meet your needs

Our mission is to provide you with the best training and consulting you can find.

If you are looking for focused, intensive lecture/lab workshops that get your project moving immediately, ICONIX training may be the answer. ICONIX specializes in UML Training for object-oriented projects, using YOUR project and the ICONIX Process: a streamlined approach that uses a minimal but sufficient set of diagrams and techniques to get you from use cases to code quickly and efficiently. When schedule is critical, our JumpStart Training format can significantly accelerate progress on your project while your team is getting trained.

Unlike any other training provider, ICONIX uses YOUR project so all lab time is spent getting real work done on the team project.

Not only is all of the lab time spent on your project under the guidance of an experienced ICONIX instructor, but your project is reviewed (under non-disclosure) prior to the training class. This gives us time to get up to speed on the specifics so that when we walk through the door, we are briefed and ready to work. When you can afford to waste your team's valuable time on classroom examples and have to get your project off to a fast start, ICONIX training is what you need.

On-Site Training Courses:

  • UML Training

UML JumpStart Training

UML JumpStart Training with Rational Rose

Use Case Driven Object Modeling With UML

Use Case Driven Testing With UML

UML for E-Commerce

An Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Training

Training customized to meet your needs.

Whatever your specific training target, we can tailor our courses to meet your needs; if you want more lecture/less lab, or more lab/less lecture--it's your call! Whether you need training in object-oriented, structured, or real-time methods, ICONIX can help. We are unbiased towards any single methodology or tool, and expert with most tools.

CD-ROM Training to supplement our on-site training.

ICONIX supplements on-site training with our CD-ROM courses as a way of providing the most comprehensive and efficient training you can find. Each student is given a CD-ROM tutorial a week before class begins. Classroom time is much more productive when students have previewed tutorials and examples on CD-ROM. Our supplementary CD-ROMs are always readily available to refresh your memory, or to bring new project staff rapidly up to speed. The combination of multimedia computer-based training and highly experienced instructors gives us a unique ability to deliver maximum knowledge in minimum time.

Leadership in Object Technology. That's what we're all about.

ICONIX has led the way in the effort to unify the diverse set of Object-Oriented approaches into a comprehensive, focused approach that covers the lifecycle. We've been teaching a Unified Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson process since 1993! This process is ideally suited to the new UML Standard. Our synthesis of the Jacobson, Booch and Rumbaugh methods into a Unified Approach well in advance of the UML effort reflects a deep understanding of the Object-Oriented development process.

"I would recommend ICONIX unequivocally"--Dean A. Sleeper, President, ACCESS

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International On-Site Training

ICONIX offers international on-site training, anywhere in the world. Our innovative multimedia CD-ROM tutorials are used internationally, in over 40 countries.

For a no-cost consultation on how ICONIX can customize on-site training for your project, in the U.S. or anywhere in the world, contact Jon Graff with a detailed description of your training requirements.

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