UML™ for E-commerce

"The effect of ICONIX Training was superb!" -- Dean A. Sleeper, President, ACCESS

This course follows the material presented in our book--
Use Case Driven Object Modeling with UML: A Practical Approach

And from the companion workbook--
Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling: An Annotated E-Commerce Example

UML for E-commerce is an intensive two or three day on-site training course. The training/consulting session combines theory of the ICONIX process along with an instructor-led work session where object models and use case models will be started for the project. Also included is a hands-on laboratory sessions where company personnel continue to refine the models which were started in the work session. The tool of your choice is used, and the UML notation is used for modeling. Laboratory sessions are split into teams along major functional boundaries.

This tutorial will walk through an extensive example UML model from the
"Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling" workbook. Excerpts from the book and the example have recently been presented in a multi-part article series in Software Development magazine. The example takes five distinct use cases for an internet bookstore and follow them through all phases of the ICONIX Process; from use cases and domain models through robustness diagrams and sequence diagrams for each use case.

For each piece of the model, the example will be presented showing common "Top10" errors, and then presented again with the errors fixed. Special focus will be given to Requirements Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, and Critical Design Reviews.

Agenda for a 2 or 3 Day Workshop

2 Weeks Prior to Class:
Since classroom time is limited, preparation beforehand on both sides is key to success!

Each student receives a free
"Mastering UML with the ICONIX Process" CD-ROM tutorial to prepare for the topics covered in the training course. This allows our instructors to spend less time on the basics, and frees up more time to actually apply the concepts being taught to your project. By leveraging the power of interactive multimedia, you're able to make more efficient use of valuable training time.

Day 1:

Introduction to UML modeling using the ICONIX Process -- An overview of the object modeling activities to be performed and how they relate to the overall development lifecycle is presented. Special emphasis is placed on the differences in thought process between object-oriented decomposition, and those approaches such as functional and data-driven decomposition that may be more familiar to students.

Afternoon -- Instructor led session and introduction of the Internet Bookstore Example.

Identification of domain objects and use cases -- Development of an initial domain object model and identification of broad categories of usage scenarios. UML class diagrams are used to describe problem domain objects, the associations between them, along with the attributes and operations of each object. Use Case diagrams are used to capture business processes and usage scenarios.

Assign lab teams in preparation for the next day.

Day 2:

The students are split into teams, with each team taking a package of use cases from the instructor-led work session. The teams then apply the techniques, in sequence, from the ICONIX Process, in a hands-on lab session.

Use Case Lab and review

Robustness Analysis Lab

Day 3:

Hands-on lab sessions continue
Reviews and wrap-up lecture

Review of Robustness models
Sequence diagram lab

Review of sequence diagrams and detailed static models
Wrap up lecture

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