Welcome to the ICONIX Press Release page. Here you can browse through a compilation of our press releases covering topics from our multimedia tutorials to our partnerships with leading e-business and management companies.

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  • June, 2001: New Collaboration with Rational to Develop New Rational Rose Add-in

  • June, 2001: ICONIX Announces New Book Targeting UML For E-Commerce

  • June, 2001: Multimedia Tutorial -- "Inside the ICONIX Process using Embarcadero's Describe"

  • April, 2001: Release of multimedia tutorial -- Inside the ICONIX Process

  • Multimedia Series: Comprehensive COM
  • July, 2000: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 5: "ActiveX Template Library"
  • March, 2000: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 4: "MTS/MSMQ/COM+"
  • January, 2000: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 3: "DCOM internals /ActiveX technologies"
  • August, 1999: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 2: "Fundamentals of COM, Part 2"
  • May, 1999: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 1: "Fundamentals of COM, Part 1"
  • March, 1999:Multimedia Series: Comprehensive COM, Five Volume Series

  • Multimedia Series: Complete CORBA
  • March, 1998: Multimedia Series: Complete CORBA, Three Volume Series
  • January, 1999: Multimedia tutorial: Volume 2: Basic CORBA

  • Multimedia Series: Fundamentals of Distributed Components
  • September, 1999: Multimedia Series: Fundamentals of Distributed Components

  • June, 2000: Partnership with Embarcadero Technologies

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