Fundamentals of .NET using C#


The .net platform is one of the biggest initiatives from Microsoft since the introduction of Windows. This course provides an thorough introduction to the architecture and the key concepts behind the .net platform. It also discusses new technologies being introduced by Microsoft including the new programming language C#, Win Forms, Web Forms and ASP+. The issues involved in migrating to this new platform will be discussed. 


Exposure to Windows programming techniques. 

Course duration

5 days

Course outline
 .NET framework - Intro, Architecture, Key concepts and 
CLR - Common Language runtime Key concepts
C# - Intro, Basic language constructs, Classes, Interfaces
Assemblies, Threads and AppDomains
Input, Output, Serialization 
WinForms - the next generation of Windows client programming
COM interoperability, unmanaged code
Web Forms, - the next generation of Internet programming
Web Services - Exposing your application's functionality over the Internet - Accessing databases using .net

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