ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. a worldwide leader in training an object-oriented technologies, specializes in UML Jumpstart Training, a lightweight use-case-driven process. ICONIX offers on-site training in all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. ICONIX produces state-of-the-art multimedia tutuorials on UML, COM and CORBA.

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UML for E-Commerce with Doug Rosenberg
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UML BASICS with Kendall Scott
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ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc., worldwide leader in training on object-oriented technologies


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New UML Book -- Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling: An Annotated E-Commerce Example

New Collaboration with Rational to Develop New Rational Rose Add-in

CD ROM: Inside The ICONIX Process

ICONIX at SDWest in April 2002

Software Development Conference and Expo

  • Doug Rosenberg scheduled to teach "Fragile Methods"
  • Kendall Scott scheduled to teach "Effective Software Documentation" and "Robustness Analysis - the Missing Link"
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