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1 Superclass\subclass relationships in Java are indicated by the construct:


2 Applet is a Java class belonging to the AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit). Applets are subclasses of

Containers, Components, and Panels
none of the above

3 AWT is being extended to support uniform data interchange via both clipboard and drag-and-drop. The AWT data interchange model most closely resembles that of:


4 GET and POST are used for

applet/ORB communication
CGI interface
AWT forms interface
JDBC database synchronization

5 The ability for builder tools to get internal details about a Java Bean is provided by:

the JQL query language
the ProvideBuilderInfo interface
introspector class

6 Using the JDBC database access API, an SQL statement can pre-compiled and stored in:

a PreparedStatement object
a metadata component
an ObjectOutputStream
a JAR file

7 SERVLETS can be thought of as server side applets, without a user interface. Servlets can be used in which of the following ways:

to build intelligent agents
to solve performance problems with the Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
to access databases from a web server
all of the above

8 In C++, programmers are forced to carefully manage memory allocation for all objects. Java solves this problem using a feature called:

runtime memory streaming
interface inheritance
remote method invocation
garbage collection

9 Concurrent programming can be done in Java using which construct:

control objects

10 Java Bean components are interoperable with which of the following technologies:

all of the above

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