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1. Which term does not describe the Java language?

statically typed
bytecode interpreted

2. Inheritance relationships can best be modeled using which construct?


3. Ivar Jacobson is best known for popularizing which modeling technique?

Use Cases
CRC Cards
Parameterized Classes

4. Only being able to invoke an object's methods through a pre-defined set of messages is an example of:


5. The purpose of an Object Request Broker is:

message collision resolution
financial modeling
distributed object communication
memory allocation

6. Which technique is not part of a dynamic object model?

Use Case Model
Domain Model
Interaction Diagram
State Model

7. Which method would not be considered "data-centric"?


8. Object databases generally outperform relational databases when:

data fits well into regular tables
there are complex relationships in the data
both of the above
none of the above

9. C++ templates are modeled using which construct?

association as class
interface object
parameterized class
asynchronous message

10. Which Smalltalk language feature frees programmers from explicitly having to allocate and deallocate storage?

virtual memory
garbage collection
dynamic binding
multiple inheritance

11. In Objectory, a diagram which shows a first cut set of objects collaborating to accomplish a given usage scenario is called:

robustness analysis diagram
object interaction diagram
object diagram
class hierarchy diagram

12. A well modularized design consists of objects that are:

strongly coupled
highly cohesive and loosely coupled

13. Which of the following terms is not another name for "function?"


14. The letters CRC stand for:

Common Recursive Classes
Carefully Restricted Configuration
Class Responsibility Collaboration
Concurrent Re-entrant Communication

15. The IDL language is used to describe:

internal states

16. OLE 2.0 makes extensive use of:

classes, and inheritance
interfaces, vtables and aggregation
relationships, transaction services, collections
answer 1 and 3

17. OMT is a good method for modeling problem domain objects because:

the notation shows attributes and operations
the notation has rich set of associations
it shows detailed C++ constructs
answer 1 and 2

18. Reuse of objects across multiple systems is increased by focusing on:

state diagrams
object interaction diagrams
dataflow diagrams
domain object models

19. LINGO, an object oriented language for multimedia, most closely resembles which language?


20. A class that will never be instantiated at runtime but is purely an organizational tool is called:

friend class
abstract class
parameterized class
domain class

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