Rational Rose for Power Users

CD-ROM Tutorial

In this CD-ROM tutorial, ICONIX President Doug Rosenberg teaches how to optimize your project's usage of Rational Rose in support of a use-case driven UML modeling process.

Topics include an introduction to use-case driven object modeling, scripting and other Rose extensibility mechanisms, how to load custom stereotypes into Rose, and a variety of productivity tips for using Rose more efficiently. This CD also introduces the Objectory stereotypes for boundary, control and entity objects, and explains why they will help your UML modeling efforts.

"I would recommend the CD-ROM on the strength of its coverage of Rose extensibility alone. The tutorial introduces every aspect of Rose extensibility available to customize or enhance Rose. This includes scripts, menus, dialogs, properties, stereotypes, OLE, and add-ins. The tutorial is used here in Rose support as an introduction of the product for new team members." -- Patrick Rutledge, Team Lead, Rational Rose Technical Support Team (from the Rose Architect review)

The tutorial includes 20 narrated example movies of Rational Rose in action, including:

* Automatically generating documentation from Rose into Microsoft Word

* Customizing Properties to support Requirements Traceability

* Using OLE Automation to export information from Rose to Microsoft Excel

* Guided tour of the Rose Extensibility Interface (REI)

* Linking Screen Pictures to Use Case Specifications

* Installing the Objectory Add-In

* A script that automatically starts a Sequence Diagram

* Allocating Classes to Components for Code Generation

The MAP provides single-click access to any section of the tutorial:

A collection of useful scripts is included, along with the Objectory add-in from Rational and a 30 day evaluation copy of Rose 98!

Here are a few of the things you'll learn from this CD-ROM:

The most important elements of a use-case driven UML model.

How to build Rose scripts to custom tailor Rose to your project's specific needs.

How to use OLE Automation from your scripts to automatically generate documentation in Word and Excel.

How to extend Rose with custom properties for Requirements Traceability

The reasons for using the Objectory stereotypes.

How to customize toolbars and menus within Rose.

The scripting tutorial includes an introduction to the Rose Extensibility Interface (REI), which defines the programmatic interface to Rose. A Rose model which presents the REI classes is provided on the CD for reference.

Available for only $295, "Rational Rose for Power Users" is guaranteed to improve your productivity when doing use-case driven UML modeling with Rose.

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