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ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. a worldwide leader in training an object-oriented technologies, specializes in UML Jumpstart Training, a lightweight use-case-driven process. ICONIX offers on-site training in all aspects of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. ICONIX produces state-of-the-art multimedia tutuorials on UML, COM and CORBA.


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Development, software, and technology professionals:

ICONIX now offers our course in
UML for E-Commerce
as an open-enrollment seminar.

Our next session runs February 25 - 26 in San Francisco.
Register early and receive $200 discount.

Additional sessions planned for 2002:
April 29 & 30 in Boston
June 24 & 25 in Chicago

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UML for E-Commerce

UML for E-Commerce, an intensive two or three day course, has previously been available only as an on-site session. Employing the theory of the ICONIX process in an instructor-led work session, you'll be walking through building an Internet Bookstore, using object models and use-case models. In hands-on laboratory sessions you'll refine the models using UML notation for modeling. Laboratory sessions are split into teams along major functional boundaries. You'll receive hands-on personal instruction from Doug Rosenberg, founder and president of ICONIX, and Kendall Scott, ICONIX Instructor and co-author with Rosenberg of

  • Use-Case-Driven Object Modeling with UML: A Practical Approach, and
  • Applying Use-Case-Driven Object Modeling with UML: An Annotated E-Commerce Example.
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the UML book.
Each student receives
complimentary copies
of these popular UML Texts.
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the UML Workbook.
Our example UML model, from the "Applying Use Case Driven Object Modeling" workbook, follows five distinct use-cases for an internet bookstore through all phases of the ICONIX Process; from use-cases and domain models through robustness diagrams and sequence diagrams. For each piece of the model, we'll show you an example with the "Top10" errors, and then present the perfected example, with special focus on Requirements Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, and Critical Design Reviews.
Use the CD tutorial as preparation for the course. The power of interactive multimedia will help you master concepts, so you can maximize the time you spend applying what you learn to your project, and benefititing from our instructors' expertise. Each student also receives
a complimentary copy
of our "Inside the ICONIX Process" CD-ROM.
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