The Ministry of Code Smells

by Doug Rosenberg - Copyright © 2002 ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.

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Picture this scene from monty python's flying circus. john cleese sits at a
desk, in a suit. the desk has a sign on it that says "Ministry of Code
Smells". in walk a pair of programmers, Eric Idle and (dressed as a woman)
Terry Jones. They are carrying a computer printout.

Cleese: Good Morning. We'd like to smell your code, please.
Idle: Good Morning, Sir. Yes, we've got it right here.
Jones (whispers -- in the high-pitched falsetto voice): Did you use deodorant
on the code this morning, dear?
Idle: (whispers) Yes, of course I did.
Cleese: Well I'll be the judge of that. Let's have it.
Idle: (hands over the code) Yes, sir.
Cleese (takes a whiff). No, that won't do at all. (sniffs again) No, that
will never do. That is definitely a "code smell".
Idle: But I washed it twice, and then used deodorant.
Cleese: No, sorry, you'll just have to refactor that.
Cleese: Now look here madam....
Jones: (gets up and pounds purse on Cleese's desk) NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO

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