Fundamentals of XML


XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a vital technology which is going to affect many aspects of software development. This course provides a thorough hands-on introduction to the major XML technologies.  You will learn to how to structure data with XML, validate that data using DTDs and schemas, transform XML documents using XSLT, and access and manipulate XML data using DOM and SAX. Theory is reinforced with extensive examples, exercises and discussions about using XML in the "real-world". 
Though some of the labs in the course uses Java most of the material is independent of a programming language. . A shorter version of this course can be offered to people without Java experience.


Exposure to HTML and Java programming.

Course duration

4 days

Course outline
 Intro to XML,  Comparison with SGML, HTML, Role of XML in a multi-tier architecture
Basic XML concepts and constructs­ XML syntax, Elements, Attributes, Comments, Entities, CDATA sections.
DTDs- Validating XML documents with DTDs
Simple API for XML (SAX), Apache Xerces parser, SAX Readers, SAX Handlers
Document Object Model ­ Different types of DOM nodes, Manipulating XML data using DOM
  XSL, XSLT, Apache Xalan processor,  XSLT instructions and control structures, Transforming XML documents using XSLT. 
XML Schemas 


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