ICONIX JumpStart Training

Our JumpStart Training provides focused, intensive lecture/lab workshops that get your project moving immediately. ICONIX JumpStart Training reinforces the concepts learned in lecture by applying the methods learned to your real project in the lab. Your company's project is previewed prior to arrival, saving you valuable training time and money!

JumpStart Training is now available for both SysML and UML, using either Sparx Enterprise Architect or MagicDraw.

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No Magic Partners With ICONIX To Offer Unified SysML/UML Software Training Nationally

llen, Texas – No Magic Inc., the leading global provider of integrated modeling, simulation, and analysis services and solutions and ICONIX, the leading provider of branded and customized process training, announced a comprehensive training partnership today.

"We partnered with No Magic because of their strong leadership position...

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New "more agile" version of Agile/ICONIX add-in available!

ICONIX is pleased to announce the availability of a beta version of the latest Agile/ICONIX Add-in.

There are 3 notable new capabilities of the new add-in:

  1. Support for "DDT/Systems" - Design Driven Testing for SysML models.

  2. "More agile" automatic test case generation from class operations"

  3. Inclusion of the "ICONIX Technology" - which includes process roadmaps and project templates.

Betatesters of the new add-in are invited to send us feedback at umltraining@iconixsw.com

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New Satire: Scrum for Brain Surgeons

Hey, if it works for managing software backlogs, it must work for reducing backlogs when scheduling medical procedures, too, right? Wait, my brain hurts. Monty Python fans will appreciate the photo of Mr. Gumby (victim of a botched brain surgery) and the link to the video of his follow-up brain refactoring experience. Somehow the metaphor works, doesn't it?

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Agile Triage(TM) Training Workshop


Are you finding that your experience with agile methods doesn't live up to the hype that your company bought into? Perhaps your burndown charts are burning up, or you're having trouble with test coverage? Is the situation critical, and you need some emergency help?

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